Jozef Gomez


BSc (Hons) Sports Therapist & Strength Rehabilitator

Jozef's Availability

Monday: 530pm - 8pm at Hunslet

Tuesday: 530pm - 8pm at Hunslet

Wednesday: 530pm - 8pm at Hunslet

Thursday: 8am - 12pm & 4pm - 9pm at Hunslet

Friday: 8am - 12pm & 4pm - 8pm at Hunslet

Saturday: 8am - 1pm at Morley

Sunday: Unavailable

Jozef graduated from Leeds Beckett University in 2020, achieving a 1st class honours degree. During his degree, he gained experience in Elite and Academy level football, as well as working with a wide range of clients in an Injury clinic and terminally ill patients at Sue Ryder’s moorlands hospice. 

After learning from head physiotherapists in elite football, Jozef has highly developed his manual therapy techniques, and is trained in Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue manipulation. He always ensures that manual therapy is patient centred and guided by individuals’ preferences. 

Jozef has a strong interest in strength training and has consistently trained using his own powerlifting and hypertrophy-based programmes for numerous years. He holds an excellent level of knowledge regarding biomechanics and is passionate about helping people correct movement abnormalities to reduce pain and improve strength-based performance. His knowledge of resistance training ensures that exercise prescription is diverse and adaptable for individuals experience of and accessibility to resistance equipment.


As well as his passion for reducing pain and improving performance, Jozef can also offer great which advice can help people improve their overall health and achieve their personal goals.