What Our Clients Say

We absolutely love and thrive off of the feedback our clients send us. Read below to see our reviews straight from the source. Let the sparkling feedback speak for itself.

Having multiples issues from broken bones, training and the general stresses of day to day life I needed someone local honest and reasonably priced to have regular treatments.


Nic’s approach is honest, thorough and realistic she tells you what you can expect to see results wise and works with you to achieve this. She is extremely knowledgeable providing anatomical insight and exercise suggestions to support your treatment

For me I’m constantly feeling “tight” and my twice monthly visits have now alleviated a long standing glute, shoulder and lower back issue to the point where I’m pain free most of the time.

Nic's massage technique is strong and firm nothing wishy washy about her and her ability to find and focus on the spots that are the worst is second to none.

Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a good local sports therapist - just please don’t pinch my spot!

Claire McGowan Mann

I have been to see Becky today about my knee pains & I couldn’t recommend her enough.


Becky did a thorough investigation into what she thought was causing my knee pains. Once this was done Becky went through a full list of exercises (both home & gym) & stretches for me to do.


Becky also explained exactly what each exercise & stretch would do & how it would help with the knee pain.

Adam Green

I’ve seen Nic now for Deep Tissue Massage Therapy for the last 8 months on a regular basis through a recommendation from my PT at DW Fitness Leeds. Coming from a semi professional sports background and 20 years working in the fitness industry; I can genuinely say Nic is fantastic at her job and I cannot recommend her enough!


My training schedule is quite intense and I still compete in fitness; so Nic’s therapy has made a massive difference to my maintenance and recovery and I now consider it essential to part of my regular training. I've also suffered no injuries since working with Nic!

Nic maintains really high standards in her work, she is knowledgeable and makes you feel relaxed always. As long as Nic is working I will look to keep going and can’t thank her enough.

Roger Sims

I have visited Nic for almost 2 years Nic’s deep tissue massages have helped me to reduce my headaches from almost daily to non existent, my neck and shoulders have never felt so easy to move having suffered for years my only regret is not visiting Nic sooner.


Nic’s knowledge, honesty and professionalism are a testament to her success she always makes me feel welcome and relaxed with a smile on her face and I look forward to my visits.

Sarah Stringfellow

Becky is a fantastic professional and is one of the best therapists around the Leeds area. I've seen a few therapists over the year, with varying degrees of success, after nursing a few rugby injuries. 

Since I've seen Becky I've been treated for various injuries over the past two years and wouldn't consider anyone else fixing me up!

Pete Morgan



What Our Clients Say

We absolutely love and thrive off of the feedback our clients send us. Read below to see our reviews straight from the source. Let the sparkling feedback speak for itself.

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I started seeing Nic back in March 2021 after struggling with lower back pain.


After the initial consultation we quickly found out the root cause. A plan was set, and I worked through regular stretches and exercises, to strengthen my core and lower back muscles.


A few months later and I was able to put my running shoes back on and return lifting weights PAIN FREE!!


If you're suffering from lower back pain, like I was, I'd certainly recommend making an appointment to see Nic.


Thank you SO much for getting me back to ME.


I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to friends, family and clients. 

Aimee Hargreaves

Chloe Hernandez

My first sports massage from Bailey at the Morley clinic and it certainly won't be my last.


I normally go to the newer location in Hunslet, but due to availability and the desperate need for help before my ultra marathon starting on April 27th (The Veterans Charity Forces March equating to 5 marathons in 5 days) I booked a session with Bailey and I was extremely satisfied and contented with the 90 minutes work on my legs, shoulders and back. Awesome work sir!

Went to the Morley clinic on Friday 4th February and booked in with Bailey Smith.


Bailey was absolutely fantastic in being quick to assess me, find the problem, and sort it within the 1hr15 time slot. I came in to the clinic barely able to walk/move and he was quick to find that my hips were very out of line.

He wasted no time in treating me with hip alignment, myofascial release, back mobilisation, and a sports massage. Now 3 days later and my recovery has been unbelievable as I am now back walking and left with a slight niggle that is improving daily.

Couldn't recommend Bailey enough, very knowledgeable, friendly, and affordable.

I am now booked in regularly to see him every 2 weeks!

Ben Henson

I attended a deep tissue massage with Amy, absolutely amazing.

I would really recommend booking an appointment if your muscles are feeling tight.

I feel less tense after that!

Looking forward to my next one.

I first visited Nic in June because I was struggling to progress with my running and was finding myself with any number of aches and felt I needed some professional help.


From the very beginning Nic was brilliant - she really knows her stuff and you know you're in good hands. I've been seeing her regularly since and my fitness has improved, my aches have gone (because I now know how to treat my body properly) and I feel better with my running.


But not only has she helped me physically but mentally too which is just as important. Just can't recommend her highly enough.

Kirsten Redshaw

Pete Forbes

Kirsty Dove

Put simply… Nic is the best!! I have had shoulder problems for approx 6 years and have always sought out massages. 


Which did help but Nic helped me get to a long term solution where I didn’t have pain everyday (which I had thought chronic pain would be there for life and sort of came to terms with that).


 I was definitely invested in following through in the exercises as per Nic's plan and it worked. You need to be willing to put in the work to see improvements though. 


Thanks so much Nic. 

If you want someone who cares about you and your physical needs Nic is the therapist you need she isn't all business she's a laugh and a great for a chat too.


I have used Nic for both being in physical pain and requiring Sports Therapy and help getting right and for the simplicity of just needing a deep tissue massage to relax.


I would trust Nic completely as she has always been able to help me and guide me back to good physical health because she truly cares about everyone who walks through her door!


100% worth 5 stars and 100% worth going to see if you are looking for a Sports Therapist  or sports massage.

Josh Bennett