Our Team


Nicola Mawson

BSc Sport and Exercise Therapist & 
Sports Injury Acupuncturist

Nic graduated from Leeds Beckett University in 2017 where she has been treating professional and recreational athletes since 2016. She then set Clinic Sports Therapy up in 2018 with the passion to deliver a honest and trustworthy service. Nic will always make you feel welcome and she treats every patient who comes in to Clinic Sports Therapy as a priority during your visit and when following up. She will be devoted to your return to full pain free and physical fitness.

Rebecca Perry

BSc Sport and Exercise Therapist &
MSc Strength and Conditioner

Becky has been apart of the Clinic team for 18 months. Graduating along side Nic, Becky also works for Leeds Rhino's and Leeds United Girls Regional Talent Club as a Sports Therapist. She is a fantastic professional with an incredible amount of sporting injury knowledge, with high quality skills to provide you with a reinvigorating Sports Deep Tissue Massage, who also has the Strength and Conditioning skills to optimise your sporting capacity.

Jamie Lucas

Sports Massage Therapist

Jamie has recently qualified in February 2020 as a Sports Massage Therapist, which means his knowledge and practice is well up to date. Jamie as per his picture is in to his CrossFit, gym training and running, so you'll never be short of fitness conversation with him. He is a really happy, friendly and easing going person and just like all our therapists at Clinic Sports Therapy he will always go above and beyond to help you in any way he can. In the future Jamie is looking to complete a Hot Cupping Course to compliment his massage treatments.